Thanks for the memories.
1996 - 2018
When I first logged onto the internet 6000 years ago (ok, it only seems like 6000 years) I did an Alta Vista search (remember that pre-Google search engine?) for Hornell N.Y. and came back with nothing.  There was nothing about Hornell on the internet.  No Evening Tribune, no City of Hornell, no HornellHome.com, nothing.
So it was thus that I decided to post something about Hornell so that folks would not come up empty.
I have hosted this account for over twenty years.  I have logged more than 100,000 views and  filled three guestbooks with comments by hundreds of viewers.  By my reckoning this website has been very successful.
I am now going to ride off into the sunset and let this space self-destruct.  I have spent thousands of dollars on internet hosting fees and domain rental charges not to mention the hundreds (maybe thousands) of hours of my labor.  And I don't come cheap.  Regretfully, I cannot continue so it is with great sadness that I must pull the plug on this site.  Thanks to everyone for your support and comments over the years. 
Philip J. June
HHS Class of 1966
Tucson, AZ
Photo by P. J. June
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