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The majority of institutions are doing well by introducing online learning. 

With the introduction of learning online as an insurance broker, candidates interested in learning how to sell insurance can now register and study at the comfort of their homes. 

The online registering process is not cumbersome like walking into the institution moving from one office to another.  

Studying online is easy and comfortable because all materials are ready. A licensed instructor is available to assist you where you are unable to comprehend. 

To register online, the candidate needs to follow instructions as they appear on the institution’s website. You get the link and sign up with their website and create your portal PNC’s LLQP license

The candidate needs to have the academic papers ready scanned for attachment to the given web portal. 

Step by Step Process of Registering for Online Course 


The first step to online insurance broker training is to register through the link provided by the institution.  

After registering, the candidate follows the instructions provided. 

Payments and Modules 

There are some payments a candidate who wants to study online on the insurance broker is supposed to pay. The candidate makes payment online. 

After the payments are successful, the candidate receives an email with a login ID and password to access the link for brokers’ online modules. 

The link provides the syllabus and the number of modules a candidate is to attend. 

The module’s software calculates the hours the training will take to complete. Modules are available for a period set by the institution from the time of registration at the portal. 

Certificate of Insurance Broker. 

When the candidate is through with the online course, he can download the certificate through the provided link by the institution.  

The candidate prepares for the examination by National Insurance. 

Requirement for Examinations 

The insurance broker needs to download the form, fill in the details and hand over the hard copy to national insurance before the examination date. 

Some benefits come about when studying online as an insurance broker. 


Online classes are ever productive because the technology allows you to access learning materials. 


Online materials are always up to date comparing with textbooks. Studying materials get reviewed and revised every time, and any changes are up to date. It can add any new material at any time. Such materials are; instructional videos, interactive Illustrations, and application examination simulators. 


Online insurance courses empower you to start and stop based on your arrangements. You do the study at your pace. 

It prepares you for the national insurance examination the moment you register online. 


Insurance online classes can finalize anytime and anywhere. It allows you to interact with your licensed instructor with no fear. Instructors are available throughout, unlike classwork. 

You can access your performance. You can gauge yourself by checking the report pass.  


Online insurance courses are cheaper when compared with the classroom. For classwork, you need to buy books and materials while online materials are readily available. 


Studying for an insurance license broker has been made easier through online classes. You require a computer or a smartphone and school fees to be an insurance student. Registering process is self-explanatory, and the licensed instructors are online to assist you. 

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